Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How to Find an Affordable Dental Plan for the Family

Dental insurance plans differ from one company to another. All companies have one common aspect: they do not provide a comprehensive coverage that includes all kinds of treatment under a single plan. Therefore, it makes sense to find a plan that is not very expensive and provides wide coverage. Make sure that the plan is affordable, especially when there are out-of-pocket expenses.


Step1 : Remember, affordable does not mean cheap. Assess your family needs for dental care and choose a plan based on need and your financial capacity. You don't want to be underinsured by paying less.

Step2 : Contact your employer. Your employer most likely has a group policy for the employees. Enrolling your name with your family under a group policy is the best health option, if possible. This will save a lot of money on premium costs.

Step3 : Go online and shop for quotes. Several companies offer different insurance plans. Find a plan that is affordable based on your family’s needs. Visit It has a comprehensive list of dental plans with single as well as family fees. Family dental plans cost an average of $115 to $160 annually.

Step4 : Look for discount dental plans. You can also choose a dental plan based on the area code of your residence. These plans generally cost less for dental checkups. Although the coverage on this plan is restrictive, it is more affordable than other plans.

Step5 : Talk to a dentist and take suggestions. Dentists have relationships with several insurance providers. They can guide you in getting affordable dental coverage.

Step6 : Talk to friends and colleagues. Ask how they got their dental insurance coverage. You may get good suggestions on affordable plans.

Step7 : Do your own research through health magazines and hospital guidebooks. This kind of analysis will enable you to compare plans, quotes and suggestions. You will most likely find an affordable plan for your family.

Step8 : Remember, dental plans come usually under the Dental Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) categories. The HMO dental plans allow you to choose a dentist or group of dentists to handle your treatment while PPO restricts your choice to the list of dentists available in your area. (I THINK IT IS THE OPPOSITE) Choose a right plan that is affordable.

Tips & Warnings

* Working couples are advised to buy a group policy under a single employer. If both employers offer a group plan, compare plans and choose the best one.
* Choose preventive care as the best option when using benefits of a dental plan. It will cost you less and ensure the best use of your dental insurance.

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