Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How to Get an Individual PPO Dental Plan

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) are typically those that have a closed panel of dentists, specialists and surgeons from whom a policyholder has to choose for getting treatment. Remember that individual PPO dental plans offer less flexibility in accessing dental services and treatment costs.


Step1 : Go online and search for companies offering dental plans. Ask for online quotes from top companies as they usually offer wider coverage. Many online sites offer an option to choose the dental plan before you can receive a quote. PPOs are the cheapest dental plans and there are several sites giving you instant online quotes.

: Pick up your local directory and call the local insurance agent. Request quotes for a PPO plan. Ask about new offers and discounts.

Step3 : Consider membership in various institutions. This affiliation can help you obtain discounts on your PPO policy, as some institutions have tie-ups with insurance providers.

Step4 : Find the name of your nearest dentist (or your current dentist) and see if he or she is in the network of PPO dentists of the plan you are considering. Non-participating dentists are usually not available under the provisions of a PPO plan.

Step5 : Shop around for the cheapest quote. PPOs are less expensive when compared to indemnity dental plans. Make sure you check the type of coverage and its clauses before finalizing the plan. Send in your premium payment and get insured.

Tips & Warnings

* Using credit cards to make payments can also get you discounts.
* By increasing the deductibles, you can lower your premium.
* Buying online can save money.
* Visiting a dentist outside the network can be expensive. Clarify payment terms in case of emergency and similar events.
* Some plans allow you to schedule the appointment based on convenience while others require you to visit the dentist within the PPO network on their available time and date. With dental problems, this may not always be convenient.

By eHow Personal Finance Editor

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