Saturday, August 16, 2008

All About Dental Care

Caring for one’s teeth is an important thing. A person’s dental hygiene is reflective of the way he takes care of himself. A person with poor dental hygiene is bound to be the subject of small group casual talks one time or another. He would probably have lower self-confidence especially if he can’t smile or talk straight because of his mouth’s smell.

Sparkling white teeth, coupled with mint-fresh breath are two of the most impressive features one can have. But how does one properly care for his pearly whites? Here are some useful tips:


One of the basics of dental care is tooth brushing. We have been taught how to brush our teeth when we were kids but some times, we just forget to brush our teeth or forget how to brush them properly. Use a recommended toothbrush with the right texture and hardness. If the gums are sensitive, opt for the “soft” tooth brush.

- Make sure that your toothpaste is approved by the ADA or the American Dental Association. Yes, cheap products are very tempting to buy but they can take the smile out of one’s face in the long run.

- When brushing, make sure to brush the teeth thoroughly. Make sure to brush the gums so as to prevent gum disease from developing.

- Buy a toothbrush with a tongue cleaner. Most of the germs in the mouth are in the tongue and it’s good to brush the tongue to get rid of the germs which cause bad breath.


Flossing is a relatively less popular way of caring for the teeth than tooth brushing. However, flossing can get rid of the dirt, plaque and food particles in the sections of the mouth that can’t be reached by the tooth brush. One should floss at least once a day.

- Make sure you floss once a day

- The right length of floss important. The floss should be around 13-18 inches long so that one can freely move it back and forth between the teeth.

- Repetition is very important. Flossing requires at least eight strokes to be able to effectively dislodge all the food particles and plaque from the teeth.

Eating right

Eating right is a preventive measure to keep the teeth pearly white. Again, people take the fact that eating sugary foods is detrimental to the teeth. Children can eat them as much as they want if they still have their milk teeth, but for adults, once the permanent teeth are damaged, there’s no going back.

- Eating the right food can help prevent tooth damage

- Stay away from sugar-rich foods such as candies and chocolates

- Limit the intake of snacks so as to limit the acid attacks on the teeth

- Look for sugar-free goodies in groceries and munch on them and stay away from the sugary ones


Going to the dentist at least once a year is recommended. Experts know best and there are things that we can’t see with our bare eyes. The dentist can help one maintain one’s dental hygiene.

Avoid other things that can cause tooth discoloration and decay such as smoking. Perennial smokers are bound to develop tooth discoloration and bad breath.

Dental hygiene is very important not only because it is a measure of how other people thinks about us, but because it makes us feel better about ourselves and boost our self-confidence. We only have one set of permanent teeth, take care of it.

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